Bikini Prison



TRUDY, HEIDI, and CLAUDIA are roommates who share possession of an apartment and a camper van while completing their senior year at UCLA.  Trudy is smart and sarcastic; Claudia is into exercise and health food; Heidi is very shy and a Tae Kwon Do black belt.  After their van is struck by a limo in Westwood, the chauffeur gives Heidi and Trudy a substantial amount of cash to repair it.  Trudy convinces Claudia that they should plan a trip across the border to Tijuana, where they can relax on the beach and do some duty-free shopping while their van is completely redone for very little money.

A trio of young, attractive blondes in summer outfits turn a lot of heads on Avenida Revolucion.  One sinister figure, however, takes more than a passing interest.  His name is OZU, and after being alerted by a body shop manager, he finds the girls and stalks them through the city streets.  On their first evening, the three girls visit the Jai Alai arena, where Heidi disappears.  When Trudy and Claudia return to their hotel, they encounter a suspicious-looking policeman.  On the pretext of taking them to rejoin Heidi, they are lured to a vehicle, chloroformed, and abducted.

All three come to their senses the following morning to find that their clothes have been stripped from their bodies and they are imprisoned in a ranch-style complex in the hills somewhere south of Tijuana.  A pair of rough-looking guards drags them into a crude examining room.  They stand shivering until DORIS, another blonde, who is very pregnant, hands them some clothing.  No one will speak to them.  They cannot believe this is happening.  Cannot believe it, until they meet the sinister DR. MESSERSCHMITT, a 30ish Valkyrie who oversees the establishment and who reveals the hopelessness of their situation.  They cannot escape; but the alternative, the secret of "Bikini Prison," is impossible to accept.

In fact, the three carefree co-eds are now inmates at a “baby farm,” where young blonde abductees are kept in captivity to produce Aryan infants, infants to be sold to wealthy Americans.  Doris explains that they are safe for a few days because GREG, the father of bikini prison’s babies, is “out of commission”; but Ozu is combing the nearby beaches for a blond surfer, and as soon as one is found...

Back in Los Angeles, Claudia's boyfriend, JACK, who is also Heidi's brother, is collecting the girls' mail while they are out of town.  When he doesn't hear from Claudia, he calls their hotel and is told that they have left.  Concerned, Jack notifies Claudia's father, MICHAEL DAWSON, who is a police detective.  Together they head south to find the girls.

Unaware that Jack and Dawson are already searching for them, the three girls devise escape plans.  After initial hostility, Trudy befriends one of the Guards, RAFAEL, a deserter the Mexican army for political reasons who is trying to get to the US.  When Ozu kidnaps GARY to serve as a new stud, Heidi tells him of the plan.

In Tijuana, Dawson and Jack follow a lead from the hotel to the repair shop manager.  After a physical interrogation by Dawson, he tells them what has happened to the girls.  Afraid to ask for help from local authorities, who may have been bribed to look the other way, the two men prepare to head south alone for a rescue attempt.

The Doctor hears from MR. WILLIAMS, the Beverly Hills attorney who finances the enterprise.  He plans to come south to be there when his latest clients take delivery of a newborn.  As the Doctor prepares for these arrivals, the three girls finalize their plan.  Shortly after Williams arrives, with Rafael’s help, Trudy and Heidi overpower two guards who are watching as Heidi and Gary “make a baby.”  But the guards at the gate stop them, and the five must flee back inside the complex.  Shortly after, Dawson arrives posing at the brother of a couple from Los Angeles, whom he and Jack have intercepted on the road to the prison.

After Williams becomes suspicious and pulls out a weapon, Dawson and Jack are forced into a gun fight which takes out Williams and the Doctor and wounds Jack.  Ozu is harder to subdue.  Despite being repeatedly shot and stabbed, he escapes the Doctor’s office.  As Dawson and Jack move through the compound, they are reunited with the Girls, Rafael, and Gary.  In a final confrontation by the gate, the other guards flee, Ozu is finally overcome, and the prison is liberated.

A few days later, the Girls visit Doris in a Los Angeles maternity ward.  She and Greg announce plans to marry and to set up a trust fund for all the other women and children with the proceeds from selling story rights to a network “movie-of-the-week.”



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