Pendragon Film Ltd.

has developed and produced over a dozen independent projects. Further information is available via the links below.

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In Active Development:

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Selected Completed Projects

Nightcomer NIGHTCOMER aka BLOOD CURE Nightcomer

a Feature written and directed by Alain Silver.

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White Nights: released on DVD in 2012 available on Amazon

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Released on DVD December, 2008. Showtime run ended June, 2011:


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In development (completed scripts):

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Go to Night & Day Dark days, darker nights

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Dies Irae, Dies Illa Go to Night of Wrath

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 Guaranteed 100% Blonde Go to "Bikini Prison"

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Other Projects in Development:

Duck Duck Goose with Plaster City Productions

Concepts in development:

Mark 5:9 Go to Legion

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Go to  Noir  I am not ashamed.

Completed Motion Pictures:

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Volcano Go to Beat

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