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A digital feature now completed (October, 2012).

Defining a Dreamer The Sketch Artist Shooting the Sketch Artist

An adaptation of Dostoevsky's classic novella transposed from St. Petersburg of 1847 to present-day Los Angeles, White Nights remains an exploration of how people and events are not always as one dreams.

Executive Producers:  Linda Brookover, Christopher Coppola, Blacky Bokich
Producers:   Eric Forsberg, Paolo Durazzo
Writer/Director:   Alain Silver
Editor:   Steve Vance
Production Designer:   Elisabeth A. Scott
Original Music: Peter Saltzman, Jim Fox
Casting:   David Glanzer

   Nathan/the Dreamer - Jilon Ghai
Natacha - Carlita Peņaherrera
Richard/the Lodger - Mike Faiola
Grandmother - Chi Chi Navarro
Sharon - Nora Kirkpatrick
Dorinda, Goth woman - Alayna Corrick
Susan, post-partum woman - Christina Romero
Eddie, friend in the dark room - Martin Gruber
Drunken Bicylist - Tim Cowgill
Little Girl - Lola Forsberg
Mother - Adrienne Stout-Coppola
Homeless man in the Rose Garden - Steven Brown
Sketch Artist - Charles Schneider
Cousin Filomena - Christiane Silver
Meter Maid - Wendy Waller
Imaginary lodger - Stephen Wozniak

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